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Technologies and technological policy

The following RUE “Borisovhlebprom” daughter-companies: «Zhodinskiy bakery plant», «Molodechnenskiy bakery plant», «Soligorskskiy bakery plant», «Vilejskiy bakery plant» have their quality management, product development, production process and bread & confectionery sales system certified according to ISO 9000 ( STB ISO 9001-2001).

«Nesvizhskiy bakery plant» is working hard to have its quality management system certified according to STB ISO-9000.

To safeguard its  legal rights  RUE Borisovhlebprom has developed its own trademark and has  got it confirmed by the National Intellectual Property Center;

Now the company holds the registration certificate to confirm it as a user of the International Commodity Numbering and Zip-Coding System in EAN/UCC of Republic of Belarus.

Hearth-baked flat bread is made according to the four-phase thermophilic technology (sweetened leaven—sour leaven—fermented leaven--- dough).  The company makes its own non-yeasted hop-fermented bread. The technology of making hop ferment and baking non-yeasted bread has been developed by the experts of the company"s industrial and technological laboratory. For this technology is filed a patent.

Efforts are being undertaken to launch production of bread, using sour-milk leaven with kefiric fungi.

White rolls are made with both leavened and non-leavened dough, using fist and second choice wheat.

The company has introduced and successfully operates the new equipment: four automatic flour feeding machines DMA-100, displaying data of flour consumption per shift or day.

New machines for making mould cookies and spice cakes with filling have been commissioned.  The company has greatly improved its market position, starting to make competitive products, pricing out foreign analogues.

All company"s technological lines are equipped with the Czech water dosage DM-30 and “Topos” dough-mixing machines.

The electric oven П-119 has been replaced with new gas “Bassanina” oven, the new confectionery oven “Salva” has been set up in the confectionery shop. Those innovations allowed reducing significantly power consumption.

In addition, the new dozing equipment, based on strain gauges for dispensing liquid materials and flour, has been commissioned.

Three ovens FTL – 2 have been replaced with Г4 – ХPF,   HPA-40 oven has been substituted with the Czech РРС – 1226, allowing to cut power consumption by 17,8% and help achieve power efficiency  goals. As the result, the energy intensity of the factory production was lowered by 8,6 % as early as in 2006.

Revamp of supply area with partial mechanization of loading-unloading operations has been carried out, which allowed expanding the loading areas and improving working conditions.

Buns and small-size roll baking area has been technically upgraded with advanced technological equipment.

Remote temperature control at sour-dough making sites for mold-baked and hearth-baked bread has been introduced.

The technology for the system, cooling white and brown bread, has been introduced and fine-tuned. 

The company is determined to carry on with its modernization policy and keep purchasing new equipment, automatic slicing and packaging lines in particular.  

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