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Thermophilic leavened bread

Thermophilic leavened bread is made according to the sophisticated multi-phase technology. Using such high-quality raw materials as rye and wheat flour, rye malt, treacle, jam, leavened  bread wort concentrate, flavored sugar syrup, dried mashed  potatoes, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds, as well as  dried apricots, raisins,  walnuts and  prunes--  contributes  to  higher  nutritious and biological value of the bread.


Borislavsky originalniy


Borisovskiy Yubileyniy

Borislavsky originalniy
The “Borislavskiy Originalniy” thermophilic leavened bread is made without using pressed yeast. It is flat and it"s baked in hearth. It"s made of sieved baking rye flour, fist or second choice wheat flour, dry rye malt with addition of flavored sugar syrup and green tea extract and other raw materials. Net weight: 0,800 kg; 0,400 kg (sliced and packed). Storage: 3 days without packing 6 days in packing
Borisovskiy Yubileyniy
The «Borislavsky Jubileyni» special thermophilic leavened bread is made of wheat and rye flour with added dried mashed potatoes, kvass wort concentrate, starch treacle and cumin and coriander seeds. It"s baked in hearth and it"s flat. Net weight: 0,900 kg; 0,450 kg (sliced and packed). Storage: 48 h –without packing 96 h -- packed

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